Picking a side

Personal issue :
Someone once said that” the person that stays neutral to a situation, is in the bad side, the enemy’s side. ” As if, if you choose to be neutral and not acknowledge a criminal, poisonous individual, or and an injustice, then you are as bad and as cruel.
Now, I’ve always said it’s impossible to stay neutral, it is always a matter of being afraid of being honest, because of what it might cost you.
Now, if you’re in a situation where two people you love are in a feud, is being neutral the right thing to do? Clearly one of them is wrong, and I know that. I just can’t seem to decide, who exactly to side on. You can’t comfort one without excluding the other, you HAVE to pick a side and that’s just too hard.
Maybe there is no solution.

Love is a choice

 I have realized that at some point in a relationship, you have the impression that love fades away, that you’re getting tired of your partner, every argument just weighs more and more, tensions are built so thick you can barely breathe. Lol.  And I’m not talking about relationships that are at their fetus stages. Specially if you both are extremely young. If you’re still in high school, there’s 90% chances it just wasn’t real enough. I’m talking about older people mature people. At some point, you just have to choose to remember what it felt like. Put in the same efforts you put in when it first begun. Remember what you felt. Chances are, you didn’t stop loving her, or you didn’t fall in love with another girl, its just as time went on, you guys stopped putting effort, and the relationship lacked something, excitement, or whatever it may be, and one of you just went to look for it elsewhere.