What is feminism? It’s a theory, something that should be common sense. Everybody should be a feminist. I just think feminism just goes deeper, and if we’re going to be feminists, we should expand it to every detail. I’m not going to go as far as getting the concept wrong. but if we want men to see us as equal. We need to act as such. To be honest, feminism goes past the traditional roles. Now this might seem blurry. let me elaborate. A men has to start so many things. He is held responsible for so many things. He is the leading figure for so many things. Relationships, businesses, almost everything has to be controlled by a man. So, if he is treated as such, at the end of the day it’s only fair. 

Even we, females, saying we’re feminists, we give them the power to be superior. A man has to start a conversation, because he is the “man” of the relationship. He has to open the door, because he has to have this protective aspect. He has to propose because he is the “man” 

Nobody else but us girls, women give them this position. I’m going people to need that in order for us to be equal, we need to equal, we have to be equal in our roles. If it isn’t weird for a woman to stay home and cook, it shouldn’t  in any way be weird for a man to do the same. 
Equality for both genders means fifty fifty. There is no way around. For example in high school, for track for example, us females are always given more time to run the mile, because we are females, the inferior gender. 

I’ve never seem men and women play in the NBA in one team together. Because we’re not equal. All this must be taken into situations. We need to take responsibility for these unequalities too. I am actually glad we are opening our eyes