Instagram’s Immaturity

So, it’s summer, everyone is out with their “bae” going to the beach, and showing off how good of a relationship they’re in. Others are at home, taking selfies while they watch Netflix and eat food. Others are “turning up” and getting drunk at the club. Whichever. And you know, we all want that. However, as I was scrolling through my Instagram, I just have a few comments regarding the things I see people posting about their relationships. It is to me adorable that you can be open with your relationship status and show the world who owns your heart. However, Instagram doesn’t need to know everything. People are feeding their followers way too much information. And that is find, but then complain when these followers form a judgement on their lives, and share their opinions in the comments. Also, it’s these same people that are posting themselves as ignorant, thinking they are building themselves a great image.

Tonight I saw this girl posting a picture of a text saying “I would kill every girl that messes with my boyfriend”
And you know, it’s alright to feel this way. But its also very ignorant.
May I remind you that we are in 2014, and unless you’re doing a three way relationship, or are similar to “Sister Wives” you’re not in a relationship with your boyfriend plus the girl that “messes ” with him, it is not her responsibility to keep your relationship in check.
Do not get me wrong I am not making excuses for people who come in between relationships, I’m just opening your eyes on who’s to blame, the girl is NEVER the one you should fight with or blame unless the case is really extreme, you know, like if shes a psychopath or something. YOUR BOYFRIEND has control over the situation. He can make the choice to cheat or not to cheat, the girl is just a consequence of that choice. It’s all about wether he will let her in or not.
It is only after HIS choice that the girl comes in.
That being said, if you’re out here screwing somebody that is not yours, you should stop, because you’re a hoe.

Love is a choice

 I have realized that at some point in a relationship, you have the impression that love fades away, that you’re getting tired of your partner, every argument just weighs more and more, tensions are built so thick you can barely breathe. Lol.  And I’m not talking about relationships that are at their fetus stages. Specially if you both are extremely young. If you’re still in high school, there’s 90% chances it just wasn’t real enough. I’m talking about older people mature people. At some point, you just have to choose to remember what it felt like. Put in the same efforts you put in when it first begun. Remember what you felt. Chances are, you didn’t stop loving her, or you didn’t fall in love with another girl, its just as time went on, you guys stopped putting effort, and the relationship lacked something, excitement, or whatever it may be, and one of you just went to look for it elsewhere. 


Word Of My Father

So, 4 years ago, I lost my father to an earthquake. It wasn’t the worst day of my life, to be completely honest, not because I didn’t love him, but I just couldn’t believe it and till this day, this is still surreal. It was just too much. I was numb, I couldn’t feel anything. I shed exactly one tear, then I did something that felt like moving on, but every time I reminisced, I realized I wasn’t over it, and I might never be. To this day, I put in action to make him proud, and sometimes, I wish I could talk to him.

My father had flaws, flaws people around me seem to remember. I feel like they have forgotten his good deeds. I haven’t. And one of the few words that I live by and make me who I am today, were his words, and I found that out either last year, or the year before that.

“Stop. Don’t you see she doesn’t care? You’re the only, looking like a fool. You want her to come over, and she doesn’t. You need to stop caring for people who don’t care for you” I was angry at those words till I realized. People don’t always care. Why give them your everything if they are giving the strict minimum?

School, Family and then the rest.” Because family is just blood sometimes.

Don’t get it twisted. Family is important. But if they are destroying you, put your own success before them

It might not look like a lot, and in words it’s not. But I know what they mean to me.