Instagram’s Immaturity

So, it’s summer, everyone is out with their “bae” going to the beach, and showing off how good of a relationship they’re in. Others are at home, taking selfies while they watch Netflix and eat food. Others are “turning up” and getting drunk at the club. Whichever. And you know, we all want that. However, as I was scrolling through my Instagram, I just have a few comments regarding the things I see people posting about their relationships. It is to me adorable that you can be open with your relationship status and show the world who owns your heart. However, Instagram doesn’t need to know everything. People are feeding their followers way too much information. And that is find, but then complain when these followers form a judgement on their lives, and share their opinions in the comments. Also, it’s these same people that are posting themselves as ignorant, thinking they are building themselves a great image.

Tonight I saw this girl posting a picture of a text saying “I would kill every girl that messes with my boyfriend”
And you know, it’s alright to feel this way. But its also very ignorant.
May I remind you that we are in 2014, and unless you’re doing a three way relationship, or are similar to “Sister Wives” you’re not in a relationship with your boyfriend plus the girl that “messes ” with him, it is not her responsibility to keep your relationship in check.
Do not get me wrong I am not making excuses for people who come in between relationships, I’m just opening your eyes on who’s to blame, the girl is NEVER the one you should fight with or blame unless the case is really extreme, you know, like if shes a psychopath or something. YOUR BOYFRIEND has control over the situation. He can make the choice to cheat or not to cheat, the girl is just a consequence of that choice. It’s all about wether he will let her in or not.
It is only after HIS choice that the girl comes in.
That being said, if you’re out here screwing somebody that is not yours, you should stop, because you’re a hoe.

Just a thought

OKay so as said before in my video people are so hypocritical it hurts. And before you start pointing out this generation as the worst and blah blah, let me say this SHIT has been going on for a long time. People seem to think that saying things out of pity is always cute. I don’t know if they realize that sometimes pity is sort of a downgrade. Like “oh you don’t have any attractive feature, but I feel bad for you, so why not?” So the other day, I was scrolling down my instagram, seeing the gorgeous people I follow (no seriously, I don’t follow ugly people), some being cocky as fuck, some being mad ignorant, but hey who the fuck is judging you? You’re pretty! -____- . Anyways, this guy, posted a picture of a black girl with a skin disease. And I was happy to see that people are no longer ashamed of these things, that our generation (despite white ya’ll old people say) is coming to an understanding, that we’re changing and learning to accept things. Natural good things though. Anyways, so I look at the comment and I see lovestruck emojis, hearts and all that good positive stuff. I was okay and ahappy about it until I realize. Shit. This is all hypocrisy. Now you’re going to say “oh so you don’t think she’s actually cute?” No. I’m just saying how often do you see a black girl, with the stereotypical black features, being called beautiful? It took women like Zoe Saldana, Alek Wek, and Lupita N’yongo for people to realize black was fucking beautiful. But I’m just saying, like, if she didn’t have that skin disease, would she receive that same love and positive vibe? Would so much people think she’s that beautiful? I’m just saying.