Is Feminism always a fight for equality, or a fight for women only?

So maybe it’s just me, but as a kid, I was told many many many times who I should be and how I should change to be more liked by women. One of the biggest was being a nerd. Boys were told never to be a nerd. Don’t sound to smart around girls. Don’t talk about video games too much. There were even boys who did well in math and science who hid their the and homework scores to avoid being classified as a nerd. But it wasn’t just what you liked or was naturally good at that somehow made you less than a person. You couldn’t look the part either. If you wore glasses, expect to be called a nerd. If you were overweight or quiet, expect to be called a nerd. If you were overweight, you could basically forget about dating unless you were funny or had money. The only saving grace for being a nerd was that if you didn’t look good, at least have money so women will like you. That is what my parents told me, the girls in my class, that’s what I saw on television, ect.
I was told to be ashamed to be smart or like videogames, look a certain way, or even not being wealthy in the pursuit of not giving girls a reason to like me.
This isn’t to say that women don’t experience the same thing. They do. They are told to look and act a certain way to please males and to better their chances in finding a date. The problem is that we as a society only give attention to problems like this when they happen to women. There are so many gender neutral problems that people experience, especially in first world countries, but we have been told over and over again that the feelings of women is more important, so we must pay attention to their needs, despite both genders experiencing these frustrations. As a result, while women are being told that they are perfect no matter what, men continue to be told that they need to fit what women want instead of being themselves. Women like fit guys, so you better lose weight, dude. Women like tough guys, so you better show her how strong you are. Some women don’t want to work at all, so you better make enough money for the both of you. We don’t get those same “be who you are” or “you’re perfect the way you are” messages.
The fact that we give more attention to women for the same problem leads many people in 1st world countries to believe that men don’t experience this stuff at all. That men can’t be depressed, be suicidal, get abused, raped, attacked, or shamed. We just assume it doesn’t happen to men. That they are immune. Which leads to the whole feminist mindset of “we want to be treated like men”. What you fail to grasp is that you are already being treated like men, if not better. Your fight to end violence, but only for women, is not equality. Your support of women who cherry pick sexism out of video games is not equality. Your support of laws that further the assumption that men are always the aggressor is not equality. Your body positivity images directed only at women is not equality. At best it is simply making life more comfortable for women at the expense of the rights, support, and happiness of men. Because who cares about them, right?


Feminism or Ignorance?

Woman ACTUALLY oppressed

“Meanwhile, in America, feminists are complaining about how dress codes are oppressive.
You idiots have never experienced oppression, and pray you never do, because this is what it looks like.”

– The caption is to be also read and understood in order to understand the content of this post.

Now, reading this and having seen the post, some of you might have the following reaction, which is the one my best friend had :

“- I hate when people say these types of shits! Its like saying “You cant be happy because some people are sad” like forreal, I just really hate when ppl do these types of comments, but I think this one is so sad thats its coherent-”

Now personally this is my opinion. I support feminism. Only, I will support it for pressing reasons, I will support when we are put down. If not, if its just women putting THEMSELVES down and misinterpreting facts.

But dont start with sexuality, nevayse in 2014 that is the least of these women’s problem. Because they are being mistreated FORREAL in other countried
Girls are over here trying to find an excuse to be a whore
Saying things like :
“How come a girl that sleeps with many guys is a whore but a guy that sleep with many girls is cool”
Because women know better thats why.
Because there is no reason you should be out there sleeping with everything that breathes. Instead of asking women to be seen like guys
We should ask guys to be seen like women. Please start calling them “hoes” too.
Don’t you dare wanna have a whore pass as cool because thats stupid.
Instead of having woman lose their decency, LETS GET MEN TO HAVE SOME.
An individual who sleeps with numerous men or women, (please note numerous is not 2, thank you very much) is a HOE, or a thot, call it what you may.
People are out here being killed because they are women and you use feminism as an excuse to be a hoe?
Let me remind you that screwing around, being the easiest person around is degrading no matter what they might say!


What is feminism? It’s a theory, something that should be common sense. Everybody should be a feminist. I just think feminism just goes deeper, and if we’re going to be feminists, we should expand it to every detail. I’m not going to go as far as getting the concept wrong. but if we want men to see us as equal. We need to act as such. To be honest, feminism goes past the traditional roles. Now this might seem blurry. let me elaborate. A men has to start so many things. He is held responsible for so many things. He is the leading figure for so many things. Relationships, businesses, almost everything has to be controlled by a man. So, if he is treated as such, at the end of the day it’s only fair. 

Even we, females, saying we’re feminists, we give them the power to be superior. A man has to start a conversation, because he is the “man” of the relationship. He has to open the door, because he has to have this protective aspect. He has to propose because he is the “man” 

Nobody else but us girls, women give them this position. I’m going people to need that in order for us to be equal, we need to equal, we have to be equal in our roles. If it isn’t weird for a woman to stay home and cook, it shouldn’t  in any way be weird for a man to do the same. 
Equality for both genders means fifty fifty. There is no way around. For example in high school, for track for example, us females are always given more time to run the mile, because we are females, the inferior gender. 

I’ve never seem men and women play in the NBA in one team together. Because we’re not equal. All this must be taken into situations. We need to take responsibility for these unequalities too. I am actually glad we are opening our eyes