Religion is as real as homosexuality. Please stop the fighting.

Repeat after me, virginity is NOT a social construct, it is a REAL religious FACT. It is the transition of a person from something to something else. Don’t eliminate the possibilities of something you don’t want to believe in.

Like, it IS an hetero-central fact, why? Because the church is against homosexuality. Don’t get me wrong, I love gay people as I would love anyone else, and they can do whatever suits them as long as it doesn’t affect me to be honest. But some of them are so arrogant. And I’m not generalizing because I’ve met so many great homosexuals. Which is why I think that Christians and homosexuals should end their feud. You live your life the way Christ wanted to, good, you don’t according to MY beliefs this is bad, but I’m not going to hate you for it because thats also a sin. What Chrisitans fail to realize is that, a sin is a sin, there is no measure to it. You lie, you’re a sinner, he killed, hes a sinner, he’s gay, so is he. But either way we can all ask for forgiveness, its doesn’t matter how much good you’ve done, BAD is, was and will always BE bad. 

All of you need to accept that.

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