So this girl once said to me “Everything was made by humans, they are just making God up to explain the things they can’t”

And it hit me and I thought “Wow, that’s so deep” . But then it came out to be the stupidest thing I had ever heard. If everything was created by humans, it everything revolved around us and we were the superior force to this world/universe, why wouldn’t we be able to explain it? Why would we make up such thing as a God? 

We can explain how we breathe, how oxygen goes in through this part of our body to circulate in our blood, all this sounds so simple, like there’s  nothing more to it. But why? Why are we provided all the things essential to our survival? Why the Big Bang, why the universe? 

But someone will tell me there’s no God or superior force right? Oh, ok.

Just meditating. x

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