Good with benefit

People act like they do good things for no reasons. They act as though they do good just for the sake of it. Hypocrites, hypocrites. We’re human. It isn’t a choice, you do things with ulterior motives, for interests. STOP acting like only the people in which the motive is obvious are selfish.

People believe in God, and they say “Because God created it us, because he loves us, because God is good” which is really code for, “I love God because he gives me what I want and fulfills my needs”. Because as soon as God starts slacking, their faith starts shaking.

Conclusion, they pray God because they need him, because its better for THEM.

You help others for the glory of saying you helped, for the glory of being called “good”. Every controllable good action you put out is for your own glory and selfish reasons.


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