Instagram’s Immaturity

So, it’s summer, everyone is out with their “bae” going to the beach, and showing off how good of a relationship they’re in. Others are at home, taking selfies while they watch Netflix and eat food. Others are “turning up” and getting drunk at the club. Whichever. And you know, we all want that. However, as I was scrolling through my Instagram, I just have a few comments regarding the things I see people posting about their relationships. It is to me adorable that you can be open with your relationship status and show the world who owns your heart. However, Instagram doesn’t need to know everything. People are feeding their followers way too much information. And that is find, but then complain when these followers form a judgement on their lives, and share their opinions in the comments. Also, it’s these same people that are posting themselves as ignorant, thinking they are building themselves a great image.

Tonight I saw this girl posting a picture of a text saying “I would kill every girl that messes with my boyfriend”
And you know, it’s alright to feel this way. But its also very ignorant.
May I remind you that we are in 2014, and unless you’re doing a three way relationship, or are similar to “Sister Wives” you’re not in a relationship with your boyfriend plus the girl that “messes ” with him, it is not her responsibility to keep your relationship in check.
Do not get me wrong I am not making excuses for people who come in between relationships, I’m just opening your eyes on who’s to blame, the girl is NEVER the one you should fight with or blame unless the case is really extreme, you know, like if shes a psychopath or something. YOUR BOYFRIEND has control over the situation. He can make the choice to cheat or not to cheat, the girl is just a consequence of that choice. It’s all about wether he will let her in or not.
It is only after HIS choice that the girl comes in.
That being said, if you’re out here screwing somebody that is not yours, you should stop, because you’re a hoe.

Karrueche Tran: Thank You For Empowering Women & Their Bodies

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Good for you, Karrueche! Thanks for posting a real, unretouched photo to your Instagram on June 18, showing a fit, sexy woman with stretch marks! I’m happy you spoke out — here’s why!

Karrueche Tran, model and girlfriend of Chris Brown, is standing up for women’s bodies and I love it. She posted this picture of a woman’s butt on Instagram on June 18, writing: “this is me.. I’ve got a tiny little booty w stretch marks.. there’s nothing wrong with the way God made us ❤️.” I love her inspirational message! Don’t you?

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Feminism or Ignorance?

Woman ACTUALLY oppressed

“Meanwhile, in America, feminists are complaining about how dress codes are oppressive.
You idiots have never experienced oppression, and pray you never do, because this is what it looks like.”

- The caption is to be also read and understood in order to understand the content of this post.

Now, reading this and having seen the post, some of you might have the following reaction, which is the one my best friend had :

“- I hate when people say these types of shits! Its like saying “You cant be happy because some people are sad” like forreal, I just really hate when ppl do these types of comments, but I think this one is so sad thats its coherent-”

Now personally this is my opinion. I support feminism. Only, I will support it for pressing reasons, I will support when we are put down. If not, if its just women putting THEMSELVES down and misinterpreting facts.

But dont start with sexuality, nevayse in 2014 that is the least of these women’s problem. Because they are being mistreated FORREAL in other countried
Girls are over here trying to find an excuse to be a whore
Saying things like :
“How come a girl that sleeps with many guys is a whore but a guy that sleep with many girls is cool”
Because women know better thats why.
Because there is no reason you should be out there sleeping with everything that breathes. Instead of asking women to be seen like guys
We should ask guys to be seen like women. Please start calling them “hoes” too.
Don’t you dare wanna have a whore pass as cool because thats stupid.
Instead of having woman lose their decency, LETS GET MEN TO HAVE SOME.
An individual who sleeps with numerous men or women, (please note numerous is not 2, thank you very much) is a HOE, or a thot, call it what you may.
People are out here being killed because they are women and you use feminism as an excuse to be a hoe?
Let me remind you that screwing around, being the easiest person around is degrading no matter what they might say!

Always a Bogeyman: An Artists Collaborative of Humanity’s Darkside

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{press play}

Always a Bogeyman: An Artists Collaborative of Humanity’s Darkside
featuring special guests artists

written-word artist The Wake by Field of Thorns
recording artist Crown Violent produced by Kamandi
visual art & photographs  linked to their stories

The Wake by Field of Thorns

I have to believe
The bleakest of times
Gives rise
To a sense of hope.


dunking – a witch test

If not for that
I would find myself mad
Doing something
Ever so sad
In its wake.


shipment of slaves

But in its stead
Let it be said
These darkest of dark –
Times pass.


Holocaust Memorial

But alas
They return
Bringing their gloom
As if they never left.


convicted of Gay, the sentence

There exist a dark side of human nature, if not caught and placed in check upon its inception, it can manifest within itself, before spiraling into the depths of hell. We debate the differences…

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Losing Weight

So I have been changing my ways to lose weight, I try to exercise everyday, I eat less, and I did lose weight. But do I feel better about myself like every trainer promises? At times. But I swear it is not as good as trainers claim it is. I mean working out is effective and you do lose weight specially if you follow the right diet (I’m writing this right now and currently am SO hungry).

I’m just saying that, if working out, you better have your self confidence in check BEFORE you start your journey. As opposed to what they tell you, even after a workout, your self confidence can go from the regular 5 to -5. Eating the wrong things feels like a sin, and you are so worried about your calories, you check the scale every two hours, you’re paranoid, and you’re always 2 seconds from snapping, quitting and getting yourself a greasy ass burger. 

If you can, it’s better to just be comfortable with your own body. If not, then start working out, and endure the pain of doing something because you’re insecure and obviously, you think you’re going to get out of it. But know this, society is not always satisfied and you might  not be pleased with the result, if other people aren’t.